Care together, care for tomorrow
Care together, care for tomorrow
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Ondernemerschap in de zorg
Ondernemerschap in de zorg
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In 30 years' time, there will be 150 million older people living in the EU. Where will you live? What kind of shape will you be in? Will you still be healthy and independent? Society is ageing. But making sure our golden years are happier and healthier is not just down to the individual, it's also down to the whole society, public and private sectors together. Improving the quality of life of older people is a priority for the European Commission.


The aim of the India Platform is to bring Europe and India closer to each other by building relationships at different levels and with different actors in society. Health care is identified by the India Platform as one of the domains where fruitful collaboration between Europe and India can take place. This ventures visit is a way of exploring the opportunities for collaboration between European and Indian clinical experts, health care professionals, researchers and companies from different European countries.  

The aim is to share and discuss state of the art management knowledge and practical experiences with regards to the community integration of people with intellectual disabilities in Eurasia and the many benefits this brings for society as a whole and organizations in particular.

Demographic ageing in Europe and beyond creates challenges for our health and care systems and our national budgets. But it also creates enormous opportunities. The Silver Economy is the new gold, Silicon Valley gurus tell us. Large new public and consumer markets of ICT products and services for ageing well are developing. Our ageing populations are drivers of economic growth.

Oude dame en jongen

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Take part in the upcoming International Seminar of the ENTELIS project on the development of digital skills of persons with disabilities, scheduled in Bologna, Italy on November 26-27. Submit your abstract and maybe you can present your findings during the seminar.

Highlighted support measure

The ParticipatieMaatschappij Vlaanderen (PMV) has created a new venture capital fund for young companies that have significant growth potential in developing innovative products, technology and services for the health care se